After an extended hiatus from podcasting, Clute and Edwards are back with a new website and many exciting announcements!

In addition to the site features you've always loved, you'll now find simple, hyperlinked lists to all past episodes of our podcasts (click on the "Out of the Past" or "Black Mask" tabs above). We've also captured and archived lots of press and testimonials about our podcasts, and have created an expanded list of our many friends in the blogosphere that provides a handy reference for all who love film noir and hard-boiled literature.

PLEASE BE SURE TO READ OUR NEW BLOG ENTRIES BELOW. We have been working on many new projects for scholars, fans and practitioners of noir—from a new book inspired by the Out of the Past podcasts, entitled The Maltese Touch of Evil: Film Noir and Potential, to the world's first open access, open peer review journal of film and media studies, called Open Canister. (Check back soon for more details on this exciting project).

And don't miss NEW EPISODES OF OUT OF THE PAST, starting August, 2011!

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