OTTO and Annotating Films Noir

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In a MediaCommons Post, we briefly trace the evolution and application of a powerful new video annotation platform that enables collaborative viewing and encourages cooperative, crowd-sourced criticism. This new tool, called OTTO (Open Text Tool for Online video), was first used in conjunction with a video annotation assignment in a Film Noir MOOC (taught by Richard Edwards) that generated close readings of key moments in film noir, but its potential uses extend much further: the tool could change how films and videos are taught with its capacity to simply and powerfully join critical analyses to film moments, and relate discreet analyses by source and by runtime across films that share stylistic or generic traits. While other online video annotation tools can support participatory and collaborative viewing and reading exercises in the classroom, there are particular functions unique to, or uniquely powerful in the context of, OTTO… Read more about OTTO at our post on MediaCommons through this link

Or visit the OTTO website by clicking here (please note: you need a Google account, such as Gmail, to log into OTTO)

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