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Richard Edwards interviewed on NPR’s “All Things Considered” about the TCM Course Summer of Darkness:

Shannon Clute introduces the film noir classic Rififi on Turner Classic Movies with Robert Osborne. Turner Employee Picks. March 2011.

Click here to read what TCM viewers had to say about Clute's Introduction to Rififi. March 2011.

Shannon Clute introduces Mildred Pierce at the Dryden Theater (George Eastman House) in Rochester, New York. January 20, 2011.

Oprah's O Magazine recommends listening to Yaddocast in its "Live Your Best Life Now" section. January 2009.

IUPUI Professor (Richard Edwards) turns his fascination with film noir into podcasting phenomenon. Indiana University News Room. August 25, 2008.

"Listen Up! Noir Podcasts!" Noir City Sentinel, The Official Newsletter of the Film Noir Foundation. May/June 2008, Volume 3, #3.

"Rabble Rousers in the Academy," by Erin Hallisey. Saint Mary's Magazine. Summer 2006.

"Lectures on the Go," by Brock Read. Chronicle of Higher Education. October 28, 2023

(2) Web Testimonials:

"Best podcast on the net...PERIOD"
From iamsinatra

"Utterly indispensable and exceptionally addictive. With each exhilarating interview and analysis, Clute and Edwards shed silvery light on even the darkest corners of noir, offering subtle insights and surprising revelations—all in a rapturous, matchless style."
From Megan Abbott, Author of The End of Everything

"Clute and Edwards are drawing a roadmap into the twisted world of noir...It's great fun taking the trip with them"
From KM55

"A masterclass on the hardboiled're not going to find another podcast like this anywhere"
From Christoper2006

"I can't imagine life before Clute and Edwards!...their analysis is simply amazing"
From Anonymous

"A must for any fan of noir"
From The Cubist

"Next time I see those Clute and Edwards punks, I'm putting them up against the wall and sticking a pair of pistols in their spines. No, they don't owe me money. They owe me *hours*. Hours I could have been writing that I instead spent listening to their brilliant and insightful 'Behind the Black Mask' podcasts. (And that's to say nothing of their narcotic-like "Out of the Past" film noir podcast...try kicking *that* friggin' habit.) Someday when I die, and I realize that I've written two or three fewer books than I'd intended, I'll be going to my grave cursing the names Clute and Edwards. Damn you both. Damn you both to hell."
From Duane Swierczynski, Author of Expiration Date and Fun and Games

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