Out of the Past's Top Ten Podcasts on Australian National Radio

Australian Broadcasting Corporation broadcast 10 episodes of Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir on its weekly series entitled Top of the Pods, advertised by ABC as: "some of the best audio to be found in the podcast universe...On Top of the Pods you can try everything and there will always be something to grab you by the ears and engage your cerebellum. Don’t trawl through trash—listen to the Top of the Pods."

We greatly enjoyed knowing that our podcast aired across Australia on one of its main radio outlets. We received wonderful feedback from Australian listeners. Thanks to ABC and all the Aussie fans of noir.

We also loved the creative titles of the episodes we appeared in (often involving podcasts on the brain!), and we frequently were grouped with content produced by the BBC Radio.

Here is a quick link guide to our 10 episodes:

#10: Noir Evil, photo-journal, a comet, and sailing (featuring Touch of Evil)

#09: Kiss Me Deadly

#08: Film Noir, Branding Cities, Sailing (featuring Chinatown)

#07: Film Noir and Brain Final (featuring Rififi)

#06: Noir at Night, Brain or Not, and Yachts (featuring He Walked By Night)

#05: Noir on South Street, Brain Chemistry (featuring Pickup on South Street)

#04: Film Noir, Brain Gap (featuring The Killing)

#03: Gun Crazy, Brain #6, Squid (featuring Gun Crazy)

#02: The Killers and Bee Curators (featuring The Killers)

#01: Noir Movies, the Museum, and the Moon (featuring The Maltese Falcon)

Clute and Edwards, 2005-2012