Clute and Edwards Visit the George Eastman House

Clute and Edwards Visit the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York:

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(Photo caption: Edwards (l.) and Clute (r.) prepare to view a rare 1921 3D test in the George Eastman House film archive.)

March 6-8, 2012: Clute and Edwards visited the incredible George Eastman House motion picture collection (, where their host Jared Case treated them to some of the treasures in the Eastman archive, including a 1921 3D test by Crespinel using a blue/green technique, a 1926 two-strip Technicolor short featuring Martha Graham and her dance troop, entitiled THE FLUTE OF KRISHNA (at a time when film and theater director Rouben Mamoulian was Head of the Drama Department at the Eastman School of Design), and several other rarities. They also toured the Stills Archive, where the collection maintained by archivist Nancy Kauffman sparked what may be Clute and Edwards's next book project. Their visit culminated with the opportunity to introduce a screening in the Dryden Theatre of a beautiful print of the 1947 Humphrey Bogart, Lizabeth Scott noir DEAD RECKONING, and record a post-screening podcast about the film with Jared Case before a live audience. Check back soon for links to the video and audio recordings of that conversation.

Clute and Edwards, 2005-2012